The Blue Umbrella is a photography company owned by Heidi E Johnson & her husband Shawn K Pierce. They began their business in Stoughton, WI, but currently have their home base in Madison, WI. 

Heidi is the main photographer at The Blue Umbrella. She has had a passion for photography for almost 20 years and has worked professionally for nine years. She loves to capture exciting and special moments in peoples lives as well as bring a new perspective to others from her imagery. She graduated with a BA in Art with minors in multimedia and dance. Creative endeavors, such as photography are her forte, and the technical knowledge she obtained from working at the Camera Company for over ten years has also helped her excel in that aspect of photography as well.

Shawn, as the business manager, brings in his knowledge from being a part of arts management and the music business for the past 20 years. Having learned many of his technical photo skills from Heidi, he also brings in his creative eye during commercial work, as an assistant and second shooter for weddings. After being a big part of planning a wedding with Heidi in 2013, he fully appreciates all the details going into that day, as well as what a difference having skilled photographers can make in remembering that special day in the best way possible.